VP of Public Relations

Karma Wycoff enjoys every moment of being the head of Public Relations at Team Wycoff. When in the office Karma is in her element- making our friends happy is her specialty!  Karma LOVES greeting clients in our office and ESPECIALLY loves the kiddos! 

She hardly had to work to obtain her Canine Good Citizen Certification, as her instructor said she could have passed her first day! Karma also couldn't be bothered to bark, unless there is someone at the door - she is not the yippie type. She is just the loving sort of gal! Come in and see her at our Team Wycoff office! Karma would love to say "hello" and make you feel welcome! 

Little known facts: 

  • Karma is like Pretty Woman. She will do every trick in the book but kiss on the mouth! 
  • Karma is the Cat Referee at home! She loves breaking up a good cat fight!!