Listing Prep with Amanda

If you are planning on selling your house and scheduling an initial consultation with Team Wycoff, you may not know what to expect. But, please don't be nervous or intimidated! We are here to help! In order to assist you in selling for top dollar in record time, we like to look at the home from not only a buyer's perspective, but also a photography perspective. Based on the condition of your home we will politely make recommendations in order to help you prepare your home to have success on the market! Don't be nervous for your initial consultation! Here is an example of what it might be like...

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

We have been getting so many calls from past clients asking for our recommendations on how to maintain their home going into the warmer months that we decided to put together a list of the top things to look at when de-wintering your home! We hope this inspires you to stain that deck, wipe off those ceiling fan blades and sweep out the cobwebbs! But, if all you do is pick up a few spring Febreeze Plug Ins, we still love you! Happy Spring, friends! 

No Photos, Please!

HGTV preaches at you to remove your personal photos when actively trying to sell your house. But, do you know WHY this is so important? 

1. The buyers may spend more time trying to figure out if they know you.  

2. Security. It's a scary world out there sometimes and all it takes is one weirdo to zoom in on your family photo to see what you look like,  including your children!  I don't want to scare you,  but it's something to take into consideration. No one needs to know that you have a bouncing baby boy in the house! Consider NOT having us take a photo of the baby's room when marketing your home, too. Your security and safety are paramount to us. 

3. When you take down your photos, patch the holes and paint. You will have to do this for the buyers anyway. Can you imagine being a buyer and going to your final walk thru prior to closing and seeing tons of unpatched holes in the wall that you didn't see before because there were pictures covering them up?  Many buyers would raise a stink over this. We don't want any unnecessary drama or surprises for you. So, it's best to patch, paint and get it over with now. It will not be an easy endeavor when you are planning your move! 

Get Outta' Here! The first steps towards getting out of your house!

You want to sell your house and move, but where on earth do you start? Here are a few tips. 

1. Store anything you don't use on a daily basis.  Also, store any bulky furniture that intrudes on a walk way,  including tables in your foyer. If you don't have room in your house to store these things, get a POD from The Storage Spot- they will deliver it to your driveway- how convenient! Be ruthless when packing your belongings and filling that unit!  It will help you get a great head start when moving! 

2. Kitchens: Take everything off the top of the cabinets and only leave items you use on a daily basis on the counters.  Hide the trash can, too! Buyers don't want to see or smell your trash!  

3. Anticipate selling before next season, so pack up your out of season clothes. 

Dear Sellers: Think Like a Buyer!

When prepping your house to sell,  try looking at it from both a buyer’s perspective AND a photography perspective. A high percentage of buyers are going online to search for houses and if we don’t entice them with the photos, we are in major trouble! 

Step One: De-personalize! If your house feels bare after de-personalizing the house,  you are on the right track!  Now, please take this with a grain of salt, as we know sometimes moving the massive piano out of the living room isn’t always possible. We won’t cry if you don’t take our advice! But, do try to remember what excited you about the house when YOU bought it. It wasn't the seller's decor, it was what YOUR decor would look like in the space. It was the HOUSE and your future in it, not the nick-nacks. If you focus on thinking of the house as a product,  not a home full of your memories, it will be a whole lot easier to rid your house of your personality and highlight the features that are going to appeal most to your buyer. 

~ Amanda Wycoff