Dear Sellers: Think Like a Buyer!

When prepping your house to sell,  try looking at it from both a buyer’s perspective AND a photography perspective. A high percentage of buyers are going online to search for houses and if we don’t entice them with the photos, we are in major trouble! 

Step One: De-personalize! If your house feels bare after de-personalizing the house,  you are on the right track!  Now, please take this with a grain of salt, as we know sometimes moving the massive piano out of the living room isn’t always possible. We won’t cry if you don’t take our advice! But, do try to remember what excited you about the house when YOU bought it. It wasn't the seller's decor, it was what YOUR decor would look like in the space. It was the HOUSE and your future in it, not the nick-nacks. If you focus on thinking of the house as a product,  not a home full of your memories, it will be a whole lot easier to rid your house of your personality and highlight the features that are going to appeal most to your buyer. 

~ Amanda Wycoff